Lovely Gift From Doug! :)

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely fall! The air is getting a whole lot colder here in Canada, but the romance of the season makes it all worth while.

My husband bought me a lovely gift the other day for our anniversary and I thought I would tell you about it. I had heard about them for a long time and I’ve always been curious, but leave it to Doug to push me to take the plunge and try something new outside my comfort zone! Ha ha.

He bought me this amazing sounding handmade singing bowl from Tibet! What’s funny is that Doug isn’t really into things like yoga or natural health, although I am. I guess all of those dinnertime conversations that I have led about natural health are rubbing off on him! 🙂

The bowl has been really amazing to use. I have never heard anything sound quite the way it does. You can play it in a few different ways. For example, you can use the padded mallet that comes with the bowl to strike the bowl, which creates a louder noise that’s sort of like hitting a gong. Or, alternatively, you can rub the padded mallet on the rim of the bowl, which creates vibrations which essentially sound like a pack of angels from heaven singing in unison. It’s pretty incredible!

The singing bowl is made in Tibet and sold by a company called Shanti Bowl. They have a really nice website – check them out!

It definitely takes some practice to make your bowl sing, and, between you and me, it took me the better part of an afternoon to get it right! But, it’s sort of like riding a bike: once you pick it up, it’s pretty easy to do it anytime you like. Doug has been struggling to make the bowl sing, and I’ve been teasing him for lacking the right soft touch! Leave it to a man to be too rough with the padded mallet! Ha ha.

Apparently singing bowls have all sorts of health benefits, like decreased blood pressure, better sleep, and they can even help you enter a meditative state. I practised yoga for a long time and I’ve always enjoyed the meditation at the end, but I’ve never really been that good at it. Hopefully it’s something I can do more in the future, and hopefully my bowl can be a great aid to that! Every mother can attest to the need for a little bit of relaxation and alone time once a while, and meditation seems like a great natural extension of that.

Anyway, all of this writing about my singing bowl has made me want to play it for a while! So that’s what I’m going to do, haha. That’s all for me for now. Hope you’re all having a great week and talk to you next time!

Yours truly,