Back From Vacation on West Coast!

Hello everyone! I just got back from a lovely vacation with Doug and the kids. We went to British Columbia, which, for the non-Canadians out there, is the western – most province in Canada. It’s also the warmest province, at least during the winter months, where they tend to get lots of rain but little if any snow. It’s also an absolutely gorgeous province filled with mountains ocean views and plenty of nature!

I have been to Vancouver before but never with Doug and the kids, and I must say we had an amazing time! We have a few friends in Vancouver, they were more than happy to show us around and take us to some of their favourite places.

The highlight was definitely spending time on the Grouse Mountain, which is this lovely mountain with the gondola something like 30 minutes by car from downtown Vancouver. In the winter it’s a great local ski hill, and during the summer it’s a great place to catch amazing views Vancouver. They even have some amazing attractions at the top, like a miniature zoo with a couple grizzly bears! The kids were so thrilled to see Winnie the Pooh! They also have a couple very nice restaurants at the top of the mountain, so you can enjoy a lovely meal with the family while catching amazing views.

Vancouver is also really well-known some of it’s amazing beaches. There’s this amazing park right next to downtown Vancouver called Stanley Park, which is sort of like Central Park in New York City. There are three or four excellent beaches in the vicinity of Stanley Park, clued in one: third beach which is somewhat isolated. That makes it perfect beach to relax and get away from the throngs of crowds you typically see at other beaches.

We also spent part of our trip in Victoria, which is the capital city of British Columbia, and located on Vancouver Island, a short ferry ride from vancouver. The ferry ride actually turned out to be an amazing experience, since halfway through the ride the captain announced that a group of whales were swimming some distance away from the boat. After the announcement, most of the passengers rush to the window and we caught some amazing views of how lovely pod of whales. The kids loved it!

Victoria is a very cool city with lots of fascinating architecture, so Doug and I really ate it up. There are also lots of really nice gift shops, so, being the shopping adict where I am, I enjoyed touring the shops and picking out gifts for my friends back home. The food in Victoria is also amazing, with plenty of healthy options.

All in all, it was an amazing trip. I truly envy people that make their home in British Columbia. How about you, have you been on any exciting trips this summer, or do you have any in-store? Let me know!

Until next time – yours truly,