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The UnWired Mom offers encouragement, vision, practicality, and a two-week challenge designed to equip you with healthy online habits so you can live fully present and purposeful in your real life.

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It is so easy to get sucked into the Internet rabbit hole only to discover you’ve been gone quite a while…and what exactly did you spend your time on? Life gets overwhelming, dishes pile up, responsibility looms, and someone is fighting…again. Everyone wants a piece of you, and you’re pulled in many directions. You just need a break; you feel like if you don’t escape you will lose.your.mind.

Hello Internet.

Always there, never requiring much of you, the Internet beckons and you indulge because, let’s face it, it’s easier. There is adult interaction, affirmation, and so many interesting things to see and read.

While real life? Real life feels mundane, and the wonder of it has dulled.

And yet you say, “All this time online isn’t really living!” You know there is something more beyond the screen, but the pull is always there, on the iPhone, the computer, the iPad…how do you get away? How do you get offline and back into real life? How do you enjoy the amazing tool that is the Internet without being a slave to it?

Let’s talk about that.

Let’s get real about our dependency to the Internet. Let’s talk about the struggle and the fact that sometimes life is boring while the online world is captivating.

And let’s talk about the hunger.

You hunger for the real.

I know it, and I feel it, and I’m with you sister. Let’s get some real back into our lives.

Introducing, The UnWired Mom, an eBook for those who want to live free in an Internet addicted world.

profilepic12 (1)“Having done a tremendous job of being honest and open about her journey, Sarah Mae’s words will touch the hearts of moms needing to find balance as they embrace their “in-the-flesh” ministry to their families while living in a high-tech, virtual world. A realistic plan-of-action, coupled with inspiration and encouragement from seasoned bloggers, completes this resource to help moms who want to break free from Internet addiction or simply want to avoid it altogether.” Sara Elizabeth

What You Will Find in The UnWired Mom

  • My story of Internet addiction
  • Encouragement and inspiration to engage in and enjoy your life
  • Practical ideas and strategies to be aware of and control your online time
  • A two-week challenge designed to help you create healthy online habits (includes daily challenges, “engage your life” ideas, and a journaling exercises)
  • Ideas to help your children have healthy boundaries with the Internet
  • Tips from bloggers on how to manage your online time
  • And more!

Who is The UnWired Mom for?

It’s for any of you who answer yes to the following:

Do you find yourself getting online when life and mothering feel too hard?

Do you say you’re going to get online for “just 5 minutes” only to discover it’s been nearly an hour (or more)?

Do you find yourself checking your email, Twitter, Facebook, and/or other social networks constantly?

Do you desire to be more present in your real life?

Do you want to teach your children to have healthy online boundaries so they don’t become addicted?

It’s time to reclaim your life; it’s time to live free.

Friend, this eBook is for you and for me and for our children.

Let’s pursue purpose. Let’s pursue all of life, even the mundane bits, and let’s live real and true and full and healthy lives. You are not alone. I’m with you all the way.

Here’s to freedom.

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The premise of The UnWired Mom is not that the Internet is bad; it is that we can enjoy it and use it without losing our lives to it. The UnWired Mom is about keeping our lives full and whole and allowing technology to be a healthy part of that life instead of an unhealthy, consuming one. The UnWired Mom is, at its core, about freedom.

Let’s discover together the beauty of real life and the gift of being present in it.

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