Mason Jar Aquarium Craft Project

Hello everyone! While researching some new craft project ideas for the family I came across this idea and think it’s so cool and really fun to make with kids aged 5-10. I’ve you’ve ever had your own aquarium you probably have a lot of the materials already around home making this a really affordable project too. I found other items at the dollar store and I know this is something my kids will keep in their rooms for year to come so again I really love it!

Mason Jar Aquarium


1. Mason jars

2. Blue food coloring

3. Filtered water (tap water tends to give a cloudier look, but is totally fine to use)

4. Aquarium plastic figurines or toy fish

5. Aquarium rocks and plastic plants (you can buy these at any fish or pet stores)

6. Blue and white glitter (optional)

7. Glycerin (optional – this makes the glitter move more slowly when you shake the jar)

Just a note we did not glue any of the materials down but I did glue the lid onto the jar so my kids coudn’t accidentally open the jars and make a mess. But that is up to you – if you want to open it up and create something new another time I would not glue the lid down. If you make this at home please comment below!

Yours truly,