Surviving Winter Flu Season

What a winter we’ve had! Everyone has the flu and colds and it finally feels like we are starting to come out the other side. Taking care of sick children while you are sick yourself is no easy task! I’ve barely had any energy to do anything but cook and sleep these days. I take care of the kids and the house in there too but just barely it feels like sometimes!

Things got so bad we actually hired someone to come in to cook and clean because I was just too sick to do anything and Doug was away at work during the day himself – and he also was sick and not feeling 100% but couldn’t miss too many days of work. Anyways, I definitely recommend getting someone to help during times like these – it really felt life saving. The woman we hired prepped so many meals that would feed the whole family for about a week without any additional work from me aside from popping the dish in the oven to heat up. When you’re sick it’s so important to eat good food to renourish your body and help was the only way we could make that happen as a family!

Also when you have little ones with the flu there is A LOT of laundry that I couldn’t keep up with. She was so great about getting all the laundry washed and folded and keeping the house clean and germ free (until someone sneezed again lol).

Anyways, I just haven’t had the energy to keep up with my blog over the winter but now that we are all feeling better and spring is in sight I hop to have some new recipes and craft ideas posted for all the moms out there. I love that feeling when spring is on the way – the days are getting a bit longer, a bit warmer, and a bit sunnier. And I could not be more thrilled!

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