Fall Craft Idea

Isn’t fall just gorgeous?! I love the colors, the crisp air, the feeling of a new start. It’s a wonderful season! I love doing crafts with my kids and there are many fun fall craft ideas online. I wanted to share one I found recently that was easy to do for the kids (and me to prepare!) and a fun decoration to personalize their doors.

It’s a Tissue Paper Fall Tree Craft and I think it’s so cute!

Here are all the supplies you need (most of which you might already have at home which I love!):

  • red, yellow, orange and gold tissue paper (cut into squares)
  • paper plate
  • cardboard
  • brown paint
  • small paper plate
  • school glue
  • stapler

And here are the super simple instructions:

1. Start by cutting a rectangle out of your cardboard for your tree trunk. Cut another small section out to use as a stamp to make texture onto your tree trunk. Pour a small amount of brown paint onto a paper plate and using the end of the extra cardboard piece, dip it into the brown paint and then onto your cardboard trunk. Make lines up and down your trunk. (As an alternative and to save time, you could also use a brown marker to make the lines on the tree trunk.)

2. Add school glue onto one section on the back of a paper plate and then scrunch and add tissue paper onto the paper plate. Continue adding glue and tissue paper to different sections until it is full.

3. Staple your tree trunk onto the bottom of your paper plate.

Easy peasy right? Give it a try and let me know what you think! Full instructions and all credit goes to https://iheartcraftythings.com/tissue-paper-fall-tree-craft.html

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